Short Film
Smirnoff Ice
Fun Kind
Unapologetically Me
Michael & Quincy
Girls With Balls
Charli XCX, French Montana, David Guetta + Afrojack
Dirty Sexy Money

Sarah McColgan, a seasoned director and photographer, has crafted a portfolio that seamlessly integrates various genres, cultures, and industries. Known for her vibrant and evocative imagery, her unique approach to color is consistently evident throughout her body of work. With a degree from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, she began  her professional career as an editorial photographer, and her work has since achieved global recognition, appearing in numerous magazines and advertising campaigns.

She now oscillates effortlessly between the worlds of motion and still photography and has collected awards in both mediums. Her penchant for beauty imagery + striking portraiture offers a unique perspective through the lens of an elevated & refined female gaze.

Sarah McColgan